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Stump Grinding

Large Trees Are Our Specialty

Once a large tree has been removed from your yard, what do you do with the stump? Believe it or not, stump removal is often a bigger, more difficult job than removing the tree itself. That’s because stumps are very heavy and their roots are much more massive than most people think.
Even if you are able to get a stump out of the ground yourself, you can’t just leave it out with the rest of your yard waste for collection! That’s why our certified arborists can help with stump removal in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Why is Stump Grinding Needed?

As soon as a tree is removed the stump begins to die. If it’s not removed properly, the consequences can be serious:


The above-ground stump and below-ground roots will absorb water and rot.

Fungus & Insects

Rotting wood is like a magnet for fungus and insect infestations.


Rotting wood causes nearby soil to become unstable. The result can be potentially dangerous sinkholes.

Why Hire a Stump Grinding Company?

You might be tempted to try removing or grinding a stump yourself. But DIY stump removal can be expensive, difficult, and downright dangerous without the right tools and proper training.

Here’s why:

  1. You never know what might be under the stump. Large rocks, steel, and other dangerous debris are common.
  2. As you try to remove the root system, will you know how to locate and avoid buried electrical cables or water pipes?
  3. What will you do with the stump itself? It might weigh hundreds of pounds. How will you move it? How will you dispose of it?
  4. Will you even save money? Renting commercial quality stump grinding equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, not counting all the time you’ll invest in removing the stump yourself.

That’s why you should trust Drendel’s Tree Service. We’re a trained, licensed stump removal company who will do the job right. Guaranteed.

a machine grinding down a tree stump

When’s The Best Time For Stump Removal?

Ideally, you should have a stump removed as soon as possible. The longer it sits the more trouble it can cause. If you’ve recently had a tree fall on your property or had a tree cut down, call Drendel’s Tree Service at (503) 654-3065 for a free estimate and consultation.

Our Stump Grinding Process

Here’s how our trusted stump grinding process works:

  1. We’ll use a heavy duty stump grinder, a sharp wheel with hard carbide teeth, to chip away at the stump. Any experienced stump grinding company will know to grind the stump until there is no wood remaining above ground.
  2.  If contracted, we can “chase larger roots.” With consideration that trees roots can spread hundreds of square feet, an expectation to excavate and remove the entire root system is unreasonable. We always contact local utility companies before we dig.
  3. After the stump is ground and the roots removed, you can use the leftover wood chips for landscaping, or we’ll haul them away.
  4. Finally, if needed, we can help you prepare the spot for planting a new tree or grass.

Why Choose a Consulting / Certified Arborist?

Certified arborists, like those at Drendel’s Tree Service have the experience, knowledge, training, and skills needed to safely and efficiently remove any tree stump. When you hire the ISA-Certified Arborists® at Drendel’s Tree Service, you can trust that we’ll provide the very best care for your yard. We guarantee it.

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While we’re based in the Portland area, we provide stump grinding services throughout Oregon and Washington.

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